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Porcelain urns are hand crafted and individually painted then baked to a high gloss luster.  They make an elegant addition to a permanent glass niche or make a beautiful addition to any home.  All urns open from the bottom and are secured with a porcelain plug.

  • Limoges
    $1,029.55 Limoges

  • Limoges Keepsake
    $341.64 Limoges Keepsake
    Limoges Keepsake

  • Meadow
    $226.22 Choose Options Meadow

  • Scroll - Item is shown with Charm (sold separately.)
    $226.22 Choose Options Scroll
    Scroll - Item is shown with Charm (sold separately.)

  • Sheffield Chest
    $226.22 Choose Options Sheffield Chest
    Sheffield Chest